Touching Space, Placing Touch – now available

So here it is. A call for papers for a conference session back in 2007, organised initially by Sarah Mackian, Martin Dodge and Chris Perkins. My involvement later on, and the thought-provoking, well-attended sessions led to us proposing an edited collection. And here we are, years later, with the actual book on its way to us editors – Martin Dodge and myself – and the contributors alike.

Touching Space, Placing Touch. Co-edited with Martin Dodge. Aldershot: Ashgate 2012.

We had some excellent contributions and I’ve been so happy that they were on board – Bernard Andrieu, Anne Volvey, Jamie Lorimer, Rachel Colls, Amanda Bingley, Hannah Macpherson, Jennifer Lea, Pau Obrador, Sarah Cant, Elizabeth Straughan, and Rob Kitchin (writing with Martin Dodge). I’m also very happy that Sarah Mackian, who was foundational in this project, also contributed a chapter and also co-wrote the Introduction with Martin and myself. It’s amazing just how long it takes, and how much work is involved. But it is now available from the publisher (Ashgate) and can be bought from shops like Amazon UK or Amazon US.


3 thoughts on “Touching Space, Placing Touch – now available

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    1. Thanks Dean – it’s a lot of money, so one thing you could do is order it for the library – you do have the power to do that! Just a thought. How’s the PhD going? You’ll have to give me an update…

      1. Top idea Mark – that useless library owes me! I’m struggling with my write up, particularly now my funding is finished but June next year is my deadline so I should be OK. I have however reinvented myself (once again) as a master renovator of ageing houses which also gets in the way a bit. I’m also resident at the Bristol & Bath Science Park as planned having created a Ltd entity for a research & design consultancy but its still clearly ‘early doors’ yet!

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