How We Became Sensorimotor: book available to buy!

My new book with University of Minnesota Press, How We Became Sensorimotor: Movement, Measurement, Sensation was published in October 2021. You can buy it from the publisher themselves, or the usual book retail outlets including Amazon US and UK, and the Book Depository (which has free worldwide delivery). The book is the culmination of years... Continue Reading →

The Tongue Display Unit (TDU) at UPMC: seeing with the tongue?

Courtesy of staff at University of Pittsburgh's Medical Center (UPMC), in September 2013 I was invited to the Sensory Substitution Lab to do something that I have wanted to do for years: have a hands-on experience with a device that I have written about. WICAB's 'BrainPort' is a 'sensory substitution' device that translates a visual feed from a camera... Continue Reading →

A talk at the Einstein Forum, Berlin Jan 31st

The Einstein Forum based in Potsdam, near Berlin, has asked me to contribute an evening lecture ahead of a full day's discussion, a symposium, about touch. Fantastic stuff, and you can read more about the event here. It includes Martin Grunwald, from the Haptik Lab in Leipzig, whose research concentrates on the psychological and neurological aspects of haptic... Continue Reading →

‘Touching Space, Placing Touch’ book: more details

It would be remiss not to include more details on the actual contents, you know... so a table of contents, and the flyer (PDF) from the publisher: Contents Introduction: placing touch within social theory and empirical study - Mark Paterson, Martin Dodge and Sara MacKian 1. Negotiating therapeutic touch: encountering massage through the ‘mixed bodies’ of Michel... Continue Reading →

Scholar in Residence, Duquesne University

Rather wonderful news: after a lunch with the Dean of the McAnulty College of Liberal Arts at Duquesne University, I was invited to be Scholar in Residence. I've filled in the forms and means I'll be able to have regular visits to the wonderful library, with its Center for Phenomenology. This section of the library has archives including... Continue Reading →

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