‘Touching Space, Placing Touch’ book: more details

It would be remiss not to include more details on the actual contents, you know… so a table of contents, and the flyer (PDF) from the publisher:

Introduction: placing touch within social theory and empirical study – Mark Paterson, Martin Dodge and Sara MacKian

1. Negotiating therapeutic touch: encountering massage through the ‘mixed bodies’ of Michel Serres – Jennifer Lea

2. Touching the beach – Pau Obrador

3. Touching space in hurt and healing: exploring experiences of illness and recovery through tactile art – Amanda Bingley

4. Facing touch in the beauty salon: corporeal anxiety – Elizabeth R. Straughan

5. Fieldwork: how to get in(to) touch. Towards a haptic regime of knowledge in geography – Anne Volvey

6. Guiding visually impaired walking groups: intercorporeal experience and ethical sensibilities – Hannah Macpherson

7. Touch, skin cultures and the space of medicine: the birth of biosubjective care – Bernard Andrieu, Anne-Flore Laloë and Alexandre Klein

8. Touching environmentalisms: the place of touch in the fraught biogeographies of elephant captivity – Jamie Lorimer

9. Towards touch-free spaces: sensors, software and the automatic production of shared public toilets – Martin Dodge and Rob Kitchin

10. In close embrace: The space between two dancers – Sarah G. Cant

11. Intra-body touching and the over-life sized paintings of Jenny Saville – Rachel Colls

12. Touched by spirit: sensing the material impacts of intangible encounters – Sara MacKian


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