The after-life of phenomenology

Months ago I was invited to speak at an event in a seminar series at Northwestern University, Illinois. The title of the series: The After-life of Phenomenology. So how could I refuse? So on October 27th I flew out to deliver the paper. It turns out there aren’t many phenomenologists there any more, but some of the grad students were highly active in this area, and they treated me really well. The paper: ‘The Case of the Seeing Tongue. Technologies of Sensory Substitution after the Molyneux Question’.  Material from this, co-written with Mazviita Chirimuuta, will appear in an OUP book edited by Mohan Matthen and Dustin Stokes next year. A great opportunity to test out some of the ideas and to ask others what is actually happening ‘after’ phenomenology.

Having spoken to an ex Husserl archivist and now Professor from nearby Loyola University, Hanne Jacobs, I had happened to be reading a paper by one of her ex-colleagues, Filip Martens, on the plane. The paper was dealing with some Husserlian ideas about touch and updating them to consider technological cases similar to the one I was speaking about in the seminar. If there really is an after-life, I want to know more…


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