World Blind Union Newsletter – Article

41-6wbu‘Seeing with the hands’: Philosophical Approaches to Touch and Blindness

This is the 700 word article that I was asked to write for the Newsletter of the World Blind Union. This was an opportunity to speak to a non-sighted readership about some of the issues, concepts and ideas in my forthcoming book Seeing With the Hands. There are two arguments in particular that I have highlighted, one about the role of blind and vision impaired subjects’ experience, and the other about the nature of touch and why it has been neglected within Western philosophy.

The full text can be read in the ‘Blindness‘ section of this site.


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  1. I was directed to your blog by Dr Hannah Macpherson at Brighton. I lost my sight 10 years ago and though no expert in the philosophy of blindness, have nevertheless first hand experience of the condition. I was fascinated by your blog as in my own way have found via serendipity haptics courtesy of the British Library and the Royal Veterinary College. I usually end up having discussions about ‘sign posting’ for the blind and managed to both tweet about and find the recent Sight Village exhibition at Kensington. I have my own blog and though having gained my PhD in Chemistry many years ago, I now tackle subjects such as the visual arts, trainspotting, and even a bit of chemistry. I will keep your blog as a favourite.

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