Interview with Rorotoko

Rorotoko is a long-running academic website which has interviews and features about books. For April 12th I was the cover interview on the front page. The interview is a series of four main points about the book: 1, “In a nutshell.” What is this book all about? What are its unique arguments and/or features? How... Continue Reading →

How We Became Sensorimotor: book available to buy!

My new book with University of Minnesota Press, How We Became Sensorimotor: Movement, Measurement, Sensation was published in October 2021. You can buy it from the publisher themselves, or the usual book retail outlets including Amazon US and UK, and the Book Depository (which has free worldwide delivery). The book is the culmination of years... Continue Reading →

more than human touch: workshop

material encounters: a workshop on more than human touch This is a British Academy funded Workshop around robotics and care organized by Amelia DeFalco (Medical Humanities, University of Leeds) and Aimee van Wynsberghe (Robot Ethics, Delft University, Foundation for Responsible Robotics). They asked me to speak, and my paper will be “Sensational Interactions with ‘Sociable... Continue Reading →

Robotic touch – now better than human touch…

Using a fascinating combination of ridges like fingerprints for fine-grained texture sensing, plus a fluid casing for its vibrotactile sensors, this is a fascinating approach from USC to the haptic perception of textures. Apparently 95% accurate, judged against a database of textiles, this is better than human assessment. As with all forms of sensory perception,... Continue Reading →

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