How We Became Sensorimotor: Book Available to Pre-order

My new book with University of Minnesota Press, How We Became Sensorimotor: Movement, Measurement, Sensation will be published in October 2021, and is now available to pre-order. You can preorder it from the publisher themselves, or the usual book retail outlets including Amazon US and UK, and the Book Depository (which has free worldwide delivery).... Continue Reading →

‘Work Forces’ Workshop: automation and the transformation of labour

The following text was one of the outcomes of the 'Work Forces' week-long workshop run by the History of Art and Architecture (HAA) Department at the University of Pittsburgh, and in which I was fortunate enough to participate... The ‘Continuous Miner’. A phrase that has a rhythm, and sounds almost poetic. Like Handel’s famous suite... Continue Reading →

Scholar in Residence, Duquesne University

Rather wonderful news: after a lunch with the Dean of the McAnulty College of Liberal Arts at Duquesne University, I was invited to be Scholar in Residence. I've filled in the forms and means I'll be able to have regular visits to the wonderful library, with its Center for Phenomenology. This section of the library has archives including... Continue Reading →

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