Sensorimotor book featured in SLSA and 4S conference collections

The Society for Literature Science and the Arts (SLSA) conference in late September and early October, plus the 4S (Society for the Social Study of Science) conference early October both had virtual book exhibits. University of Minnesota Press featured my upcoming How We Became Sensorimotor book in their collections for the book exhibits. There is... Continue Reading →

Sensory-Motor project finds home with University of Minnesota Press

I am absolutely delighted that the manuscript I've been working on for the past several years has found a home with University of Minnesota Press. The previous Humanities Editor, Danielle Kasprzak, showed interest in my project quite a while back and we talked regularly at conferences. One of her last actions before leaving the Press... Continue Reading →

The Philosopher’s Magazine: Touch

A couple of years ago Julian Baggini, author of a large number of popular philosophy books and the editor of The Philosopher's Magazine¬†¬†asked me to contribute an essay for a special issue on the senses. Obviously I would be writing on touch. The link is posted here because it works as an overview of some... Continue Reading →

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