World Blind Union Newsletter – Article

‘Seeing with the hands’: Philosophical Approaches to Touch and Blindness This is the 700 word article that I was asked to write for the Newsletter of the World Blind Union. This was an opportunity to speak to a non-sighted readership about some of the issues, concepts and ideas in my forthcoming book Seeing With the... Continue Reading →

BBC Spotlight: Blind man perceiving an elephant

In May I was interviewed on a local news programme for the South West of England, BBC Spotlight. The story concerns a blind man in Paignton Zoo encountering a real elephant for the first time. Although I was interviewed in the TV studio for a while, I only appear for seconds - oh well. The... Continue Reading →

Interview for CBC Radio, ‘Spark’

In May, the presenter of the long-running technology and ideas show on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, 'Spark', asked me to be interviewed for the programme. So off I went to the BBC studio in Exeter to record it, having never listened to the programme before. The end result of the programme was pleasing - they intercut... Continue Reading →

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