Sensory-Motor project finds home with University of Minnesota Press

I am absolutely delighted that the manuscript I've been working on for the past several years has found a home with University of Minnesota Press. The previous Humanities Editor, Danielle Kasprzak, showed interest in my project quite a while back and we talked regularly at conferences. One of her last actions before leaving the Press... Continue Reading →

‘Work Forces’ Workshop: automation and the transformation of labour

The following text was one of the outcomes of the 'Work Forces' week-long workshop run by the History of Art and Architecture (HAA) Department at the University of Pittsburgh, and in which I was fortunate enough to participate... The ‘Continuous Miner’. A phrase that has a rhythm, and sounds almost poetic. Like Handel’s famous suite... Continue Reading →

Blindness, neuroplasticity, and technologies of sensory substitution

Thanks to an invitation from the editors, Brian Glenney and José Filipe Silva, a chapter has appeared in their rather wonderful Routledge collection The Senses and the History of Philosophy (2019). There are contributions from some well-known philosophers of perception and of ancient philosophy, too. My chapter neatly follows from Brian Glenney's chapter on the Molyneux... Continue Reading →

Alphonso Lingis at SPHS

My friend Tom Sparrow of Slippery Rock University has been editing the Alphonso Lingis Reader for University of Minnesota Press. The book was just released, and there was a launch panel at SPHS (Society for Phenomenology and the Human Sciences), part of the SPEP conference, at Penn State University on Sunday. Alphonso (or, as he likes... Continue Reading →

‘Why Haptic Media Studies?’, Media in the Wild conference, Siegen

Last month I gave a talk at 'Media in the Wild', the Annual Conference of the Collaborative Research Center Media of Cooperation, University of Siegen in Germany. Thoroughly enjoyed it, with papers by Arjun Appadurai (NYU) and William Urrichio (MIT). Abstract of the paper I gave: Why Haptic Media Studies? The ‘haptic moment’ we were waiting... Continue Reading →

We need to talk about… AI

Last month The Guardian newspaper's podcast series 'We need to talk about....' was about Artificial Intelligence. I submitted a question, and this was recorded for the podcast and addressed by the panel. The question? About the role of physical characteristics of AI machines, how we humans relate to their physicality, as robots become more prevalent... Continue Reading →

‘Vanguard Fellow’, IAS, Birmingham

Between April and May this year I have been a 'Vanguard Fellow' at the Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS), University of Birmingham, working with Dr. Jess Pykett in Geography and Earth Sciences (GEES) and the 'Embodied Geographies' research group. It has been a lot of fun, and included: a day workshop, 'Bodies 2.0. Embodied processes... Continue Reading →

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