Blindness, neuroplasticity, and technologies of sensory substitution

Thanks to an invitation from the editors, Brian Glenney and José Filipe Silva, a chapter has appeared in their rather wonderful Routledge collection The Senses and the History of Philosophy (2019). There are contributions from some well-known philosophers of perception and of ancient philosophy, too. My chapter neatly follows from Brian Glenney's chapter on the Molyneux... Continue Reading →

Seeing, feeling, and showing ‘bodies-in-place’ – videography and the body

A new paper co-authored with Michael Glass, accepted (finally... bit of an epic story there) in Social and Cultural Geography here. You can also access an eprint here. Seeing, feeling, and showing ‘bodies-in-place’: exploring reflexivity and the multisensory body through videography This paper considers the challenge of representing embodied, multisensory experience of ‘bodies-in-place’ through film, an... Continue Reading →

How to search for things and distinguish objects if you’re a robot.

Two separate but related intriguing new touch technologies for robots from Georgia Tech has some intriguing implications. The first being Charlie Kemp's development of a form of tactile sensing for robotic arms (Kemp was supervised by the world-famous Aussie roboticist Rodney Brookes). Reported in the New York Times (here) and elsewhere, searching in cluttered places for... Continue Reading →

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