‘Google Glass for cops’: wearable cameras, surveillance, and Ferguson

At the end of June I submitted an article to the Journal of Geography in Higher Education on using Google Glass based on the Urban Studies fieldtrip. In between receiving the reviewers' comments (which were hearteningly, unmistakably positive, the first time this has happened for several years...) and then doing the edits for the final version,... Continue Reading →

Blindness and ‘feeling seeing’ article

My article "Blindness, empathy and 'feeling seeing'" published recently in Emotion, Space and Society, it turns out, has been viewed 200 times. Thanks to the automated metrics of the Elsevier dashboard, I now know this. That's pretty good. Take a look at the article here. There has been a change of Editors and some additions to the Editorial... Continue Reading →

“On ‘inner touch’ and the moving body”

A book chapter "On 'inner touch' and the moving body: aisthesis, kinaesthesis and aesthetics" has just been published in the edited collection Touching and Being Touched: Kinesthesia and Empathy in Dance and Movement (Berlin: DeGruyter, 2013). The chapter is one of the first pieces of work within my current 'sensory-motor' project and the book includes work by scholars... Continue Reading →

‘Reading with the fingers. Blindness, sensory substitution, and the possibilities for tactile communication’

After a call for papers for a special issue 'Sensorium Commune' of the journal Communications, edited by Marie-Luce Girard and Olivier Sorost, I didn't realize what a fascinating journal it was. Not a straightforward 'communications' journal in the American sense, it was set up by Roland Barthes and others in France in the 1960s. Some... Continue Reading →

“Looking on darkness, which the blind do see”: Blindness, Empathy, and Feeling Seeing

The next issue of the journal Mosaic: a journal for the interdisciplinary study of literature has an article taken from research for a chapter on my book on blindness. Called '“Looking on darkness, which the blind do see”: Blindness, Empathy, and Feeling Seeing' it appears in a special issue on 'Blindness', 46.3. Look out for it... Continue Reading →

‘Touching Space, Placing Touch’ book: more details

It would be remiss not to include more details on the actual contents, you know... so a table of contents, and the flyer (PDF) from the publisher: Contents Introduction: placing touch within social theory and empirical study - Mark Paterson, Martin Dodge and Sara MacKian 1. Negotiating therapeutic touch: encountering massage through the ‘mixed bodies’ of Michel... Continue Reading →

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