How We Became Sensorimotor: Book Available to Pre-order

My new book with University of Minnesota Press, How We Became Sensorimotor: Movement, Measurement, Sensation will be published in October 2021, and is now available to pre-order. You can preorder it from the publisher themselves, or the usual book retail outlets including Amazon US and UK, and the Book Depository (which has free worldwide delivery).... Continue Reading →

‘Haptic Media Studies’ workshop, UCL, July 10

'Haptic Media Studies: Touch and Desire in a Digital Age' is the name of a one-day Symposium at the UCL knowledgelab, as part of their In-Touch project. The wonderful Professor Carey Jewitt has invited David Parisi and myself to speak. Full details are at the UCL website. There are two papers and two responses: David... Continue Reading →

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