Blindness, neuroplasticity, and technologies of sensory substitution

Thanks to an invitation from the editors, Brian Glenney and José Filipe Silva, a chapter has appeared in their rather wonderful Routledge collection The Senses and the History of Philosophy (2019). There are contributions from some well-known philosophers of perception and of ancient philosophy, too. My chapter neatly follows from Brian Glenney's chapter on the Molyneux... Continue Reading →

Touch: Sensing, Feeling, Knowing (Leeds Sadler Seminars)

The Humanities Research Centre at the University of Leeds, UK has a fascinating series of talks in their Sadler Seminar Series this year. Under the theme 'Touch: Sensing, Feeling, Knowing', a rich mixture of philosophers, psychologists and others are presenting, and the talks are convened by Professor Helen Steward (Philosophy), Dr Amelia DeFalco (English) and Dr... Continue Reading →

The Tongue Display Unit (TDU) at UPMC: seeing with the tongue?

Courtesy of staff at University of Pittsburgh's Medical Center (UPMC), in September 2013 I was invited to the Sensory Substitution Lab to do something that I have wanted to do for years: have a hands-on experience with a device that I have written about. WICAB's 'BrainPort' is a 'sensory substitution' device that translates a visual feed from a camera... Continue Reading →

As the book progressed, the original idea of a quirky history with some cross-over readership started to mutate into something more historically and philosophically consistent. My reading around Descartes and Locke especially added some necessary epistemological context, whilst a recent translation of an essay by Grosrichard (originally in Cahiers pour L'Analyse) where the Molyneux Question is... Continue Reading →

Blindness and ‘feeling seeing’ article

My article "Blindness, empathy and 'feeling seeing'" published recently in Emotion, Space and Society, it turns out, has been viewed 200 times. Thanks to the automated metrics of the Elsevier dashboard, I now know this. That's pretty good. Take a look at the article here. There has been a change of Editors and some additions to the Editorial... Continue Reading →

‘Reading with the fingers. Blindness, sensory substitution, and the possibilities for tactile communication’

After a call for papers for a special issue 'Sensorium Commune' of the journal Communications, edited by Marie-Luce Girard and Olivier Sorost, I didn't realize what a fascinating journal it was. Not a straightforward 'communications' journal in the American sense, it was set up by Roland Barthes and others in France in the 1960s. Some... Continue Reading →

“Looking on darkness, which the blind do see”: Blindness, Empathy, and Feeling Seeing

The next issue of the journal Mosaic: a journal for the interdisciplinary study of literature has an article taken from research for a chapter on my book on blindness. Called '“Looking on darkness, which the blind do see”: Blindness, Empathy, and Feeling Seeing' it appears in a special issue on 'Blindness', 46.3. Look out for it... Continue Reading →

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