Interview with Rorotoko

Rorotoko is a long-running academic website which has interviews and features about books. For April 12th I was the cover interview on the front page. The interview is a series of four main points about the book:

1, “In a nutshell.” What is this book all about? What are its unique arguments and/or features? How do you want a reader to read it?

2, “The wide angle.” To what realities / practices / theories / ideas does your book relate? And how? Furthermore, how did your professional path lead you to this book?

3, “A close-up.” If a “just browsing” reader were to approach your book at a bookstore, which pages would you hope were encountered first? Why?

4, “Lastly.” What are your thoughts/wishes with regard to the book’s implications or consequences?

Read of the interview itself, of course, but stick around on the website to see other great interviews and features – it’s quite a resource.


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