Sensorimotor book featured in SLSA and 4S conference collections

The Society for Literature Science and the Arts (SLSA) conference in late September and early October, plus the 4S (Society for the Social Study of Science) conference early October both had virtual book exhibits. University of Minnesota Press featured my upcoming How We Became Sensorimotor book in their collections for the book exhibits.

There is a discount code for the collections: 40% off using code MN88340, which expires December 1, 2021.

The virtual book exhibit for 4S, and the exhibit for SLSA – go check them out, plenty of other great books too!

The Sensorimotor book was part of a new books panel that David Parisi and myself co-organized very late in the game, ‘Datafication, Aesthetics, Sensory Experimentation’ featuring Jacob Gaboury and his recent MIT Press book Image Objects, Erica Fretwell and her book with Duke UP Sensory Experiments, and Anna Harris, whose A Sensory Education came out this year with Routledge.


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