Alphonso Lingis at SPHS

image_miniMy friend Tom Sparrow of Slippery Rock University has been editing the Alphonso Lingis Reader for University of Minnesota Press. The book was just released, and there was a launch panel at SPHS (Society for Phenomenology and the Human Sciences), part of the SPEP conference, at Penn State University on Sunday.

Alphonso (or, as he likes to be known, ‘Al’) was present, and Tom gave an overview of the Reader, and myself and Erik Garret from Duquesne University gave responses.

The book itself is a great collection that brings texts from a very wide range of sources. Al wrote a great deal, often in response to requests, yet always with his own distinctive voice. With a lot of praise and positive comments about his writing and writing style, he got quite emotional with it all. A bunch of us went for lunch afterwards, and he was charming company as usual, full of stories.


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