Blindness and ‘feeling seeing’ article

ImageMy article “Blindness, empathy and ‘feeling seeing'” published recently in Emotion, Space and Society, it turns out, has been viewed 200 times. Thanks to the automated metrics of the Elsevier dashboard, I now know this. That’s pretty good. Take a look at the article here.

There has been a change of Editors and some additions to the Editorial Board: I am now on it!


2 thoughts on “Blindness and ‘feeling seeing’ article

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  1. Many thanks for this, Mark – looks very interesting, and I look forward to reading. Have just been citing you extensively in article in press for Body & Society on haptics; copy to follow soon… Hope all’s well across the Pond, Jaqui

    1. Jacqui – good to hear from you! I have seen you’ve been incredibly active on – loads of papers by you, so I have some catching up to do. Would be *very* interested in the Haptics article – I’ve been thinking of submitting something to B&S for a while, so you beat me to it! Do send it, absolutely…

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