“On ‘inner touch’ and the moving body”

9783110292046A book chapter “On ‘inner touch’ and the moving body: aisthesis, kinaesthesis and aesthetics” has just been published in the edited collection Touching and Being Touched: Kinesthesia and Empathy in Dance and Movement (Berlin: DeGruyter, 2013).

The chapter is one of the first pieces of work within my current ‘sensory-motor’ project and the book includes work by scholars such as Brian Massumi and Erin Manning, as well as neuroscientists. An eclectic and interesting collection.

Contents and online access  to the book can be found here

The Flyer from the publisher is here (PDF) which has a good description of the collection.

Publisher description of the book:

Touch is a fundamental element of dance. The (time) forms and contact zones of touch are means of expression both of self-reflexivity and the interaction of the dancers. Liberties and limits, creative possibilities and taboos of touch convey insights into the ‘aisthesis’ of the different forms of dance: into their dynamics and communicative structure, as well as into the production and regulation of affects. Touching and Being Touched assembles seventeen in- terdisciplinary papers focusing on the question of how forms and practices of touch are connected with the evocation of feelings. Are these feelings evoked in different ways in tango, Contact improvisation, European and Japanese contemporary dance? The contributors to this volume (dance, literature, and film scholars as well as philosophers and neuroscientists) provide in-depth discussions of the modes of transfer between touch and being touched. Dra- wing on the assumptions of various theories of body, emotion, and senses, how can we interpret the processes of tactile touch and of being touched emotionally? Is there a specific spectrum of emotions activated during these processes (within both the spectator and the dancer)? How can the relation- ship of movement, touch, and emotion be analyzed in relation to kinesthesia and empathy?


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