‘Reconfiguring Sensation’: A ‘stream’ of papers and a roundtable at SLSA


The Society for Literature, Science and the Arts (SLSA) have a fantastic conference each year. Someone told me about it last year too late, there was a ‘stream’ of panels with papers on the senses, so I kicked myself and resolved to submit something the following year. I nearly missed the deadline, but because it was extended I was able to send out invitations to people about a panel, and the response was magnificent.

So, along with Elizabeth Stephens (University of Queensland, author of impending Techno-Sensorium: Technology and the Training of the Senses), and David Parisi (College of Charleston, author of impending Touch Machines: An Archeology of Haptic Interfacing), we submitted a series of papers based on an enthusiastic from theoreticians and art practitioners alike. The conference theme for 2013 is ‘Postnatural’. So our panel/stream title is:

reconfiguring sensation: sensory prostheses and the postnatural sensorium

Fingers crossed that the submission will be accepted by the Conference Chair, Ron Broglio… Here is the timetable as submitted:

Panel 1. Positions.
Queer Sensation: the curious histories of technologies and the senses
Elizabeth Stephens

“The Doctrine of Touch”: Haptic Interfacing and the Disciplining of Tactility
David Parisi

What the frog’s body tells the frog’s brain. On early cartographies of the proprioceptive system.
Mark Paterson

Panel 2. Subjects.
“War 2 Home:” Soldier-Trauma, Rehabilitation Technologies, and the Biopolitical Management of the Senses in the War on Terror
Brianne Gallagher

Accelerating Toward One Another: How new sensory possibilities created through biometric data collection affect posthuman subjectivities
Todd Woodlan

Postnatural Breathing in Late Industrialism: Insights from Asthmatics
Alison Kenner

Panel 3. Substitutions.
Challenging Ocularcentrism: New Adventures in Mediated Sensoria
Patricia Olynyk

Sensory substitution: the problem of locating the eye/‘I’
Florence Chiew

Helen Keller and the New Sensorium of Touch-Typing
Matthew Schilleman

Roundtable 1. Discussions.
Rebecca Parry
Oron Catts
David Gruber
Tarsh Bates
Patricia Olynyk
Nora Vaage


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