Touching Space, Placing Touch. Edited Collection.

It has been an incredibly long time coming. The original conference session was in 2008. The papers were mostly written and finished two years ago. But only in August 2012 will we finally have the printed book! Touching Space, Placing Touch [links to publisher website]. I’m happy with what eventually resulted – there was a maturation of material, and some additions from new contributors. And the cover image we got licensed from an artist which is pretty striking.


3 thoughts on “Touching Space, Placing Touch. Edited Collection.

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    1. Hey Dean, nice to hear from you. And thanks for the suggestion – I’ll put up a photo of the cover shortly. Sadly, no paperback – it’ll be an expensive library-only hardback to start with – make sure the University orders it!

  1. Cool image Mark, reminds me of String Theory where touch is space and vice-versa… I’m obviously going to have to budget for it. My thesis would be lacking without your ‘Senses of Touch’ so this new book will help even more as I attempt to convey the importance of both haptic and spatial themes in building and designing ethical social robotic assemblages. I did my first presentation to eighty-ish people last week at the Bristol & Bath Science Park. I was last on the bill after Professor Alan Winfield and Dr Rob Buckingham but luckily enough sang from the same song sheet, nervously, but it was a start. Three months left now so worry is a constant companion but books like the above make it significantly easier, so crack on Mark.

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