Nancy on ‘listening’…

In the same day I noticed Jacques Attali’s book on Noise: Political Economy of Music – translated by Brian Massumi no less – and, in these wee early hours, followed up a reference to a paper by Bristol’s own Paul Simpson, another recently doctored person, whose paper on Nancy and a postphenomenology of sonorous presence is really nicely written. Abstract and paper available here. Some interesting takes on current geographical limitations in writing about music, and the relevance to non-representational theory.

Listening, Nancy’s own slim volume in this area, is perhaps something to discuss in future – but only if everyone isn’t fed up with discussing the man by now.

Erm, I can’t remember what we said we’d read next. Can someone help? The week was such a strenuous blur that all I can remember is CAKE and BEES. You?


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